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Gossip & NewsSurprising reason for Jacqueline Fernandez leaves Salman's farmhouse

Surprising reason for Jacqueline Fernandez leaves Salman’s farmhouse

We are all aware that the beautiful actress Jacqueline Fernandez had found a humble abode at the superstar Salman Khan’s house. However, now the reason for Jacqueline Fernandez leaves Salman’s farmhouse will surprise you. The actress was stationed at Salman Khan’s house since the lockdown had started. She was living there for almost three months now. Jacqueline even did a few projects with Salman at his Panvel’s farmhouse itself.  

As per the reports, Jacqueline Fernandez leaves Salman’s farmhouse to go live with her friend in Mumbai. Jacqueline got to know that her friend is stressed, and thus she went ahead to stay with her friend during her difficult time. This proves what a good friend Jacqueline Fernandez is.  

Jacqueline Fernandez leaves Salman’s farmhouse:

Surprising reason for Jacqueline Fernandez leaves Salman's farmhouse

The reports further state that Jacqueline’s friend was living alone in Mumbai. However, they both were close friends and spoke daily on call. As soon as the actress came to know how upset and tense her friend was, she left Salman’s farmhouse. Now, the actress will stay with her friend until she feels safe and normal.  

Also, now the Maharashtra government has extended the lockdown till 31 July. In this situation, Jacqueline will not be able to travel back to anywhere. The happy-go-lucky actress is doing a noble thing by staying with her friend to save her from loneliness and stress. During her time at Salman Khan’s house, Jacqueline had released two-song albums with Salman.  

Jacqueline is always known for her perkiness and kindness. She had also helped Salman and his family with charity work. She along with the actor’s family launched the “Being Haangryy,” food truck of Salman Khan. Now, that she is back in Mumbai, her fans are excited to see her get back to work too. Her last project was Netflix film, Mrs. Serial Killer. However, it did not do good with the audience.