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MoviesBollywood MoviesSunny Deol angry at SRK tears pants - #throwback story

Sunny Deol angry at SRK tears pants – #throwback story

Throwback time at quarantine seems like reliving some of the moments of the Bollywood industry. But surely, we wouldn’t want to relive some of the bad parts but such memories are what keeps Bollywood industry moving and look back at the times of misdeed not to be repeated. Bringing us back to what caused a dispute between SRK and Sunny. Back in 1993 when Sunny Deol, Shahrukh Khan, and Juhi Chawla starred in a super hit movie ‘Darr.’ This movie is which brings us to a remarkable incident when Sunny Deol angry at SRK tears pants 

Sunny Deol angry at SRK tears pants:

Sunny Deol angry at SRK tears pants - #throwback story

Back when this film’s banner which was under Yash Raj’s guidance, Sunny was a huge star as compared to Shahrukh. The director had rather offered him the option to select roles based on his liking ie. Rahul Mehra and Sunil Malhotra. Sunny Deol felt that Sunil Malhotra’s positive character was a perfect fit for him.  

Other actors rejected the films until it came to Shahrukh and agreed to it. Shahrukh played Rahul Mehra who wanted Kiran at all costs. Shahrukh dedicated his life to this movie and Bollywood and thus we got our Villian ‘K.k.k.k.ka.Kiran.’ Shahrukh’s role suppressed other actors’ roles in this movie.  

Sunny Deol angry at SRK tears pants - #throwback story

During an interview, Sunny told that he wasn’t informed about the villain’s role to be portrayed so powerfully. He is always pre-informed about his movies, but he couldn’t believe the unexpected ending. According to him the audience liked him, SRK but did not like the importance of villain in the movie. He always works in films with an open heart and trust in people. Unfortunately, many people and actors do not do such work. Perhaps they want such stardom. 

One such scene of this movie was when Shahrukh had to stab Sunny. Sunny debated a lot on this particular scene to his director, declaring that if he is playing commando how can a common man stab a commando. But the director stayed put as he wanted this scene as written. Thus, during the shoot of this scene, Sunny Deol angry at SRK tears pants.