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Gossip & NewsSunidhi Chauhan breaks her second marriage for this one reason

Sunidhi Chauhan breaks her second marriage for this one reason

One of the finest singers of Bollywood, Sunidhi Chauhan, breaks her second marriage. Sunidhi was married to Hitesh Sonik, and now amidst the lockdown, they have decided to get separated. Their love lasted for the whole eight years until they broke up. What was the reason for which they got separated even during the lockdown and grave crisis? The singer breaking up her relationship has made her fans sad and worried.  

As per reports, the couple was already living separately for the last few days. Although nothing was public yet, they were still trying to hold their problems to themselves. In an interview with Hitesh Sonik, he denied anything related to their separation.  

Reason of Sunidhi Chauhan breaks her second marriage:

Sunidhi Chauhan breaks her second marriage for this one reason

The story of their break-up takes us to Goa. According to speculations, a while ago, Sunidhi and Hitesh made a trip to Goa with their friends. At this Goa voyage, something unfortunate happened, and after returning to Mumbai, situations got worse in their relationship. A reliable source, close to the couple, shared this information with the media.  

Hitesh and Sunidhi had got married in the year 2012. Before that, they had an affair for two years. The irony is, their grand wedding reception was held in Goa. January 2018 was the year when Sunidhi gave birth to their baby boy, after five years of their marriage. Let me tell you, this will be Sunidhi’s second failed marriage. Before being married to Hitesh, Sunidhi was married to Bobby Khan in the year 2002. That time she was just 19 years old. After just a year of her marriage with the choreographer, they split up. Sunidhi Chauhan breaks her second marriage is very upsetting for her fans.

The core reason for their separation, even during the Corona crisis, is still unknown. Things will be very hard for their son from now on. We hope the best for the singer and her family. Share your thoughts through the comments below. Stay connected to BollywoodHush for more updates and news on your favorite celebrity.