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Bigg BossSumbul Touqeer takes a stand for herself in Bigg Boss 16

Sumbul Touqeer takes a stand for herself in Bigg Boss 16

Clearly, the highlight of yesterday’s Bigg Boss 16 show was actress Sumbul Touqeer. The actress made it apparent that she was standing up to Vikas when he tried to intimidate her during the Ration Cum Nomination task. The situation became so out of control that Sumbul made it quite plain to everyone that she would no longer be cooking.

Therefore, Bigg Boss instructed the contestants that if they bring more than five goods on a shopping task, they must nominate a single person; if their ration items are between five and ten, however, they must nominate two individuals. Vikas is yelled at by Sumbul, and the two begin to argue. Bigg Boss cancels the third round because Vikas and Sumbul can’t agree on who should go with Sreejita.

Bigg Boss 16:

Sumbul is informed by Vikas that she has “Bhuki Niyat.” Sumbul advises everyone that since he has called her thus if they are all hungry, they can prepare their own Rotis. She hears from Sajid that he admires her for finally standing up for herself.

Assuming she has “Bhuki Niyat,” Vikas informs Sumbul. Since he called her that, Sumbul says, if anyone is hungry, they may all cook their own Rotis. When she eventually stood up for herself, Sajid tells her that he is proud of her.

Bigg Boss has been keeping the audience entertained with extreme drama and controversies. Fans have been loving the 16th season of the Bigg Boss show. It has too much drama. Since the show was released it has been trending on the internet. This year, the contestants quickly made fandoms on social media. So, this was all about the latest update on the controversial show Bigg Boss 16. Watch this space Bollywood Life News at Bollywood Hush for more updates on Hindi TV serials, Hindi movies, and celebrities.

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