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Bigg BossSumbul Touqeer speaks up for her father in Bigg Boss 16

Sumbul Touqeer speaks up for her father in Bigg Boss 16

In the “Bigg Boss” home, Sumbul Touqeer Khan might not come out as the most talkative contestant, but she is not one to keep silent when it comes to her family. In the reality show’s episode airing on Thursday, Sajid Khan asks Sumbul what she’ll do if her father, Touqeer Khan, develops feelings for a 22-year-old. Sumbul is incensed by this and responds that she doesn’t want her father to suffer any harm.

Sumbul expresses to Sajid her desire for her father to remarry. But not to a 22-year-old girl, as her father would suffer if she fell in love and later broke up with him. She explains to him that once you fall in love, you cannot stop. When Sajid tries to draw the issue out, Sumbul becomes extremely irate. And is not persuaded even after he apologises to her.

Sumbul Touqeer:

For the uninitiated, Sumbul had in fact stated in an interview from the previous year. That she wanted her father to remarry. Her father had refused because he was concerned about how the stepmother would treat the children. It’s significant that Sumbul supported her father and spoke candidly about his second marriage on national television. Additionally, she demonstrated her maturity in how she handled the entire situation.

As children, we frequently forget what our parents have given up for us or that they may be lonely. But Sumbul’s outspokenness on the subject of wanting her father to remarry demonstrates that she is aware of all the things her father has done for her. And that she wants him to begin a new life. She has provided a role model for all young women and men. Who believe that their parents getting remarried or taking care of themselves is bad and will be judged negatively by society. You go, lady! We are incredibly proud of you.

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