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TV ShowsSpy Bahu Spoiler: Yohan Mispronounces Sejal's Name

Spy Bahu Spoiler: Yohan Mispronounces Sejal’s Name

In the upcoming track of Colors’ famous drama series Spy Bahu, there will be some surprising twists. Sana and Sehban play the key parts in the show, and the audience is enamored with their chemistry. Read on to know Spy Bahu Spoiler.

Spy Bahu Spoiler: Yohan Mispronounces Sejal's Name

In the upcoming track of the show, there will be a huge drama. In the previous episode, Yohan discovered that Sejal was his childhood friend Mahera and apologized to her for the mistreatment she had endured in the house. She later learns that Farid died in the blast, which shocks her because she never got to see her brother for the last time.

On the other hand, Yohan mispronounces Sejal’s name while speaking with Alisha, shocking the family. Yohan knows he has feelings for Sejal.

Now we have the most recent concert information. There will come a major turning point that will completely transform Sejal and Yohan’s lives.

We’ve known Yohan’s issues with Sejal since the beginning, and we’ve lately watched that animosity transforms into love. Yohan has realized that he adores Sejal. The beautiful wedding of Yohan and Sejal will be seen in the next episode.

Yes, Sejal will marry Yohan at long last. Yohan is unaware that Sejal is marrying him solely for vengeance, believing that he is to blame for his brother’s murder.

Will Sejal learn the truth? Will she reconsider her choice?

Watch this space for more Spy Bahu Spoiler.

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