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Gossip & NewsSinger Shweta Pandit shares a heartbreaking video from Italy

Singer Shweta Pandit shares a heartbreaking video from Italy

Our world is in chaos as the Coronavirus outbreak is getting out of hand. Most of the countries in the world have gone into lockdown to take a precaution against the deadly virus. The virus has not left anyone, it doesn’t discriminate among the rich and poor, or the religion it just takes people. Everyone all over the world is stuck in their homes, they cannot go to work, students cannot attend a school, or no other activities can be performed without a deadly risk. Bollywood celebs are no far from being affected by the Covid-19. The Bollywood singer Shweta Pandit shares a heartbreaking video on her social media about the pandemic.

As we all know the pandemic disease before entering India has already taken down Italy. During the Italy lockdown, the Bollywood singer Shweta Pandit got stuck there and couldn’t make it back to India. The singer shared a heartfelt message for her fans, warning them by telling what is ahead of them. She wanted to come to India this Holi, but she chose to stay put in Italy for her safety and others. Shweta Pandit has been stuck in Italy for more than a month now. The singer who has sung most of the popular songs of many Bollywood movies is although not alone in Italy.  

Shweta Pandit shares a heartbreaking video:

Shweta Pandit’s husband is half Italian and half Indian, and so she was there with him at their house. She still misses the rest of the family that is in India. In the video, she even shared a teary fact that she wakes up every day from the noise of the ambulance. Shweta has urged India to not take the situation lightly and take the right preventive measures laid by the government.  

This video is a warning message from Shweta Pandit who is stuck in Italy. We request all of you to be safe and be at home. Stay tuned to BollywoodHush for the latest news updates.