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Bigg BossShiv Thakare To Enter Bigg Boss 16?

Shiv Thakare To Enter Bigg Boss 16?

One of the most watched television programs in India, is Bigg Boss. On October 1, 2022, the show will begin its sixteenth season. Salman Khan, the “Bhaijaan” of the Bollywood business, will host Bigg Boss 16, which will include a tonne of fresh participants vying for the top prize. Shiv Thakare is reportedly among the candidates in the show, among others. We will learn more about Thakare’s life, his origins, and a few lesser-known facts about him in this post.

Who is Shiv Thakare?

Shiv Thakare To Enter Bigg Boss 16?

Let me briefly introduce you to the Indian reality show Bigg Boss before we move on to the rumored list of competitors for the 16th season. Bigg Boss is essentially a reality game show in India that was influenced by the Dutch reality show Big Brother. It features a large number of contestants, including famous people and regular people, who live in specially constructed homes that are cut off from the outside world for a predetermined period. They are always being watched inside the home by personal microphones and CCTV cameras.

Based on their actions and interactions with the other candidates, contestants are eliminated each week. In the end, only one competitor is chosen as the show’s winner and receives a significant monetary award.

In 2006, the first season of Bigg Boss aired in Hindi. But as time went on, Bigg Boss was broadcast in numerous regional languages. It includes Kannada, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Telegu, and Malayalam.

Regarding one of the alleged Bigg Boss 16 competitors, Shiv Thakare is a reality TV choreographer from India. He first gained notoriety by competing in MTV Roadies Rising in 2017. Thakare hails from a modest Maharashtrian family in the Maharashtra city of Amravati. He is a 33-year-old television personality. Shiv is best known for winning the second season of Bigg Boss Marathi, MTV Antisocial, and MTV Roadies.

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