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Gossip & NewsShenpenn Khymsar says the job of a Waiter Brought Him Close To...

Shenpenn Khymsar says the job of a Waiter Brought Him Close To His Dreams, calls Vinay Pathak ‘a True Artiste’

Filmmaker Shenpenn Khymsar recently made his directorial debut. He also worked with a reputed actor Vinay Pathak. The director shared his lovely experience of working with a marvellous theatre actor. In addition, he also revealed that the job of a waiter brought him closer to his dreams. Talking about his struggles, the director unraveled how he left his home and came out of his cocoon to make a remark in the film industry. He shared his part of struggles by saying, “I had left the comforts of my home to prove my mettle as an actor. The job of a waiter brought me close to my dreams. I served Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan, Anita Raj and many producers. People told me they would definitely give me a chance, but there were no audition hubs then, and celeb memory is always short.

Shenpenn Khymsar calls Vinay Pathak ‘a true artiste’:

Shenpenn Khymsar says the job of a Waiter Brought Him Close To His Dreams, calls Vinay Pathak 'a True Artiste'

Shenpenn Khymsar praised Vinay Pathak and his aura. As shared by ETimes, Shenpenn said that Vinay is extremely humble and ‘was like a breath of fresh air’. He further said, “He is such a powerhouse of talent and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to direct him in my very first feature. He is a true artiste and I got to learn so much from him.

The director has beautifully shown his life in the movie. Not only this, the movie also depicts struggles that he faced in his lifespan. He said, “I travelled the globe in search of fellow Tibetan refugees and documented their emotional and political struggles. The journey also took me to my hometown, Darjeeling, where the vibrant western music scene and heavy metal fandom, unnoticed to the outside world, has created a sense of unity and belonging between refugees. My documentary may be from personal experience, but like Journey of a Dream, it is a powerful and unconventional effort, combining political filmmaking with entertainment and serves as a musical outlet for the frustration and a means of expression for an entire young generation.”

The director, Shenpenn Khymsar is sure to steal hearts and spark a light of inspiration in the youth. Share your thoughts on the director and Vinay Pathak through the comments section below.

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