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Bollywood Gossip & NewsSheezan Khan friend Shaan Shashank Mishra drops truth bombs on their friendship

Sheezan Khan friend Shaan Shashank Mishra drops truth bombs on their friendship

The entertainment business was shocked by Tunisha Sharma’s death, and everyone was as shocked by star Sheezan Khan’s imprisonment. Sheezan is a kind guy with a humble character, according to actor Shaan Shashank Mishra, who worked closely with him when they were leads of their respective shows on the Azaad channel.

We shared the same channel, Azaad, so I’ve known Sheezan for a year at this point. I was the lead in “Lovepantii,” but he was the lead in “Pavitra: Bharose Ka Safar.” From there, we grew close friends and began spending time together because we frequented the same gym. You never get a free pass while playing the primary lead hero in a serial. Because we used to meet every day, our relationship was unique, he remarked.

Sheezan Khan & Shaan Shashank Mishra:

“From what I’ve learned about Sheezan, he’s a genuinely good man who values humility, kindness, and respect for others. He has good manners and respects everyone. I’ve learned a lot from him. His major break came thanks to “Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul,” he said. “He always wanted to do something like that, so when he had the chance, he was really excited to do it and was very happy since the moment he went on the show,” he continued.

Shaan revealed that Sheezan Khan is also struggling with all the commotion surrounding the allegations that he helped his co-star Tunisha commit suicide. “We witnessed the police dragging the man barefoot. He is being pursued by the media, and the audience is speaking highly of him. He wasn’t here for this, in my opinion. We must not overlook the fact that he is also someone’s brother or son. Until and unless he is shown to be guilty, we shouldn’t treat him negatively.” He answered, “You can doubt him, but you can’t hold him accountable for everything.”

“I have witnessed him sobbing day and night in both the hospital and the police station. I observed him pleading with the medical staff to save her. Additionally, he was the one who took Tunisha to the hospital and prayed for her while there. Sheehan’s family adored Tunisha just as much as she loved Sheezan. I’ll only ask that no one makes any claims just now because the police are still looking into the situation. This is just my viewpoint; if you have a different one, that’s fine too.” He concludes.

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