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Gossip & NewsSushant's case: Shatrughan Sinha Comes in support of Karan Johar

Sushant’s case: Shatrughan Sinha Comes in support of Karan Johar

After standing in support with Kangana Ranaut who has been vocal about the prevalent nepotism in Bollywood, Shatrughan Sinha has now backed Karan Johar. Saying that Karan Johar can not be blamed in Sushant’s death case as Karan has made a name for himself. Talking further, Shatrughan said that Karan can never destroy someone’s future.

Shatrughan Sinha Supports Karan Johar:

Sushant's case: Shatrughan Sinha Comes in support of Karan Johar

The veteran actor said, “It is unfair and futile to blame Karan Johar for Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. First of all, who is Karan Johar to make or break careers? I don’t think he sees himself that way at all”. “I don’t think anyone can break your destiny. Jo kismet mein likha hai wohi hoga (You’ll get what’s written in your destiny). When I came to Mumbai from Patna, I just had a few hundred rupees in my pocket. I was determined to be an actor at any cost. I had to face a lot of insults. I never forgot them,” the actor further added.

Admiring Karan’s dedication for work, Shatrughan Sinha also said, “Karan’s father (producer Yash Johar) was a lovely kind man. I worked with him. My daughter has worked with Karan. He has worked to get where he is. Being born in a film family doesn’t automatically qualify you for success. Likewise being an outsider doesn’t disqualify you from stardom. And Sushant was a very successful star.”

During an interview last month, Shatrughan also stood in support of Kangana and praised her courage to take big names openly. The 1980 Dostana actor had said then, “Most of the people I see, they speak against Kangana because from the inside they are very jealous of Kangana. Without our mercy, without our will, without joining our groups or without any blessings from us, this girl has gone too far and achieved so much without any push of ours. They are irritated and jealous of her success and bravery.”

The versatility and optimism of Shatrughan Sinha’s thoughts amaze fans. Tell us your views in the comments section below.

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