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TV ShowsSerial Update: Udaariyaan, 29th September 2022, Written Update

Serial Update: Udaariyaan, 29th September 2022, Written Update

Serial Update: The episode begins with Ekam asking his inspector friend to assist him in locating Fateh-accident Tejo’s case file. His friend promises to assist him. A subordinate officer hears them. The same officer phones someone and lets them know that Ekam wants to reopen the case file for Virks’ accident.

Ekam leaves Nehmat at her home. Nehmat’s silence on the trip to her house raises a question from Ekam. He inquires if she didn’t appreciate his surprise. According to Nehmat, she enjoyed his surprise and thought about it the entire time. After the passing of her parents, she claims that the only person she can discuss everything with is Ekam. They both say how much the other means to them.

Serial Update: Udaariyaan, 29th September 2022, Written Update

Nehmat is interacting with a picture of her parents. She claims that Ekam is the source of her greatest happiness and that she fears losing him. She asks God to protect Ekam from being taken from her. Ekam and Nehmat drive the vehicle in the morning. Nehmat informs Ekam that she has located the letter that Jasmine sent to her but lost it since she is unable to understand it. Is she certain that it was Jasmine’s letter, Ekam queries? Nehmat claims that it was written in mom’s handwriting and addressed to papa, not Tejo’s. She claims she is interested in learning from her birth mother, Jasmine, why she left her.

Nehmat is calmed by Ekam. Ekam urges Nehmat to be grateful for the people in her life rather than to feel depressed about those who aren’t. A guy runs into Mallika. She falls in love with him at first sight and is enthralled by him. The man’s face is not displayed. He departs via car. A Masjid is visited by Nehmat and Ekam. They pledge to remain partners forever. Together, Ekam and Nemat pray. Ekam notices a man about to fall while stooping. By holding him, he moves and assists him. 

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