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TV ShowsSerial Update: Swaran Ghar, 7th October 2022, Written Update

Serial Update: Swaran Ghar, 7th October 2022, Written Update

Serial Update: At the beginning of the episode, Swaran informs Ajit that she will be waiting for him. They are both contemplating one another as Tere Bin Jaye Na sounds in the background. Swaran greets Bebe as he enters the house. She questions whether anything has occurred. Bebe thinks back to Rajeshwari’s insistence that Arjun marries Swaran in exchange for Swaran Ghar. She enquires about any recent events with Arjun. He claims Swaran will fill him in on the specifics and that it was a significant day. Bebe is perplexed by Swaran’s actions.

The ladies arrive and promise to make Dussehra preparations, and Swaran will once again burn Ravan to the ground.

Serial Update: Swaran Ghar, 7th October 2022, Written Update

Rajeshwari tells them she doesn’t do anything for no reason and gives them her card so they can contact her later. They shouldn’t accept the agreement, Nakul advises. If they have any other ideas, Vikram asks. Swaran has always been there for them, according to Nakul, who proposes that they speak with her. Vikram disagrees, but Nakul is adamant. When passing by Swaran Ghar, Bebe asks the woman if Arjun is a good friend of hers. Rajeshwari tells Arjun that all of his wishes will be granted on Dussehra.

Arjun remembers how Swaran told Ajit about his affection for him. However, Rajeshwari believes that those avaricious people will undoubtedly accept her offer. Ajit makes a nice video call to Swaran. He displays the present he brought for Swaran. Nakul decides to discuss their issues with Swaran. Ajit shows Swaran some bangles and promises to buy one for Bebe. Swaran is behind Nakul. As Nakul phones her, Swaran hangs up the phone to end the episode. Swaran is shocked to see him appear out of nowhere.

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