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TV ShowsSerial Update: Shocking Twist In Star Plus Show Imlie

Serial Update: Shocking Twist In Star Plus Show Imlie

With each new episode, the Star Plus show Imlie becomes increasingly intriguing. Atharva is becoming close to Imlie in the current plot line of the show, and Cheeni is sad to see it.

Shocking Twist In Star Plus Show Imlie

The future episodes will feature Cheeni devising a strategy to exact revenge on Rudra. She hands him a card that contains a bomb. A blast would occur as soon as Rudra opened the card, injuring him. Imlie learns about the bomb at the award ceremony while the family is there. She becomes driven to protect everyone from the explosion.

Imlie goes above and above to shield Rudra and Cheeni from the blast in subsequent episodes, but Rudra suffers damage. Imlie discovers that someone is out to get her, is envious of her relationship with Atharva, and she sets out to uncover this person. She requests information from Rudra on the perpetrator of the blast.

Instead of disclosing the truth about Cheeni, Rudra claims that his competitors in business tried to damage him. By demonstrating to him that Atharv can do anything for her and that if he tells the truth to anyone, Cheeni may make Atharv do things that would be harmful to him, it will be made clearer how she persuaded him to comply.

Imlie storms into the opponent’s office because she has a strong sense that something is amiss. When she discovers that Rudra had lied to her, she looks into the matter further and learns that Rudra committed this act to defend a young woman who is in love with Atharv.

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