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TV ShowsSerial Update: Pandya Store, 16th November 2022, Written Update

Serial Update: Pandya Store, 16th November 2022, Written Update

 Serial Update: At the beginning of the episode, Shiva yells at Dhara, telling her to keep their distance. The Pandyas find this shocking. Shiva receives a slap from Gautam for mistreating Dhara. Shweta chuckles. Rishita yells at Dhara and demands to know what he did to Shiva. Suman claims that she didn’t anticipate Shiva doing this. Shiva claims that he didn’t anticipate Dhara being able to do it with him either. He declares that he won’t go beyond his bounds because only Dhara has the authority to. Dhara queries Shiva about the line she crossed and what transpired with him. Shiva claims that Dhara, whom he has worshipped since he was a young child, betrayed him. Shiva is questioned by Dhara about her actions.

Shiva claims that despite what Dhara did, he was considering how to question her without harming her as he was traveling. Shiva is asked by Dhara to be honest about what she did. If she will tell the truth, Shiva asks. Yes, Dhara answers. Shiva queries what transpired regarding Raavi at the hospital. Raavi, according to Dhara, underwent fibroid surgery. Shiva queries whether the fetus or the fibroid was taken out. Raavi’s report is removed from his pocket. He hands it to Rishita and requests that she read and pronounce it. Rishita reads the news and is astonished.

Shiva is correct, according to Rishita. According to her, the words “fetus removal, abortion occurred” are written. The news astounded the Pandyas. Rishita is asked by Dhara what nonsense she is talking about. Dhara reads the report that she has taken. She is dismayed to see the inaccurate information. According to Dhara, the hospital must have made a mistake because the report is incorrect. Dhara tells Shiva that he can speak with the surgeon who operated on Raavi if he believes she is lying. She requests that Shiva accept that Raavi’s fetus was not removed.

Watch this space for more serial update.

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