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TV ShowsSerial Update: Imlie, 16th November 2022, Written Update

Serial Update: Imlie, 16th November 2022, Written Update

Serial Update: At the beginning of the episode, Chini is stabbed by a knife to save Imlie. Arto worries about her and tells Chini not to panic. When he pulls out the knife, his brother complains that he is unable to call the ambulance since the network is down. Shivani yells at Imlie because she merely planned the hawan and ruined it. How on earth can she call robbers here? Imlie claims that despite her best attempts to set things up properly, she was unaware that they were robbers.

In the present, Arto advises against criticizing Imlie and concentrating on Chini. Imlie asks Chini why she intervened to save her. Chini begins to act and declares that she is her sister. She believes she purposefully accepted the risk to carry out her plan, and as a result, no one can stop her from staying at Rana House. Arto promises to take her to the doctor. Chini claims that because of the discomfort, she is unable to even move or see a hospital. Chini is raised by Arto, who then leads her inside. Imlie begs to see her.

Rudra notices everything and is astonished, assuming Chini only came here to accomplish her goal. He tells Devika what Chini is planning. Imlie dresses Chini’s wound in cream. When someone says Imlie is experiencing greater agony than her sister, Chini instructs her to move cautiously. When Imlie approaches Rudra and Devika, they instruct her to send Chini back home. In that condition, Imlie claims she cannot allow Chini to leave. Imlie has other responsibilities here, according to Rudra, and she is not the doctor.

Watch this space for more serial update.

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