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TV ShowsSerial Update: Anupamaa, 7th October 2022, Written Update

Serial Update: Anupamaa, 7th October 2022, Written Update

Serial Update: In today’s episode, Anupama learns that Toshu has to kidnap Arya when she reads the note. She learns that Toshu plans to keep her away from him in the same way that Kinjal did. He couldn’t have gone that far, so she offers they go check. Vanraj concurs. At the temple, Toshu amuses Arya by playing.

Vanraj and Samar leave in another automobile as Anupama gets into her vehicle to look for Toshu. Toshu kidnaps Arya, and Anupama phones to say that she hopes he will be found soon. When they return home, Bapuji, Baa, and Kinjal inquire about Arya.

Serial Update: Anupamaa, 7th October 2022, Written Update

Rakhi makes up the story that she is with Neela, but Neela walks by as Baa inquires about Pari (Arya). Kinjal becomes alarmed when Neela admits that she is not with her. Anupama visits the temple and offers a prayer in hopes of reaching Toshu.

Anupamaa sees Arya’s toy in temple. Kinjal becomes alert when she learns about Toshu. Kinjal yells at Rakhi for not keeping a watch on Arya, contacts Anupama, and sobs as Baa reassures her that Toshu won’t harm her. She is comforted by Anupama. When Vanraj responds that he is unable to confront Toshu, Samar tells him not to worry. Kavya points out how low Toshu has descended. Baa defends Toshu. 

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