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TV ShowsSerial Update: Anupamaa, 6th October 2022, Written Update

Serial Update: Anupamaa, 6th October 2022, Written Update

Serial Update: In the opening scene of the episode of Anupama, airing today, Leela is asked by Anupama to briefly express her feelings. Leela expresses her happiness at winning the prize and talks about her and Anupama’s complicated bond. The neighborhood women protest as Leela claims to have a good relationship with Anupama, claiming that everyone is aware of what she and Vanraj did to Anupama. Another woman then discusses the hierarchy of her family and how Toshu is imitating Vanraj by cheating on Kinjal.

On Leela’s behalf, the Shah family starts to talk, which sparks a massive debate. If there isn’t a fight going on in the audience, Anupama asks both parties to halt and raise their hands.

Serial Update: Anupamaa, 6th October 2022, Written Update

When she notices that no one has raised their hands, Anupama explains that every family has its issues and requests that all parties set aside their differences to jointly celebrate the celebration. Many in the audience were surprised when Anupama danced while holding fire and carrying pots on her head.

As the music ends, Anuj enters the stage and assumes control of the music by introducing himself as the DJ. When Anuj asks everyone to dance and the music starts playing loudly, everyone in the crowd starts to have fun. Pakhi joins Adhik in a dance as they appear delighted to be together again. She is a little taken aback when Adhik suddenly leads her to a corner and begs for a kiss.

Adhik confesses to Pakhi that he has lost all self-control since she is so stunning. When Vanraj goes looking for Pakhi after noticing her absence, he discovers both Pakhi and Adhik dancing in the crowd. Everyone is startled when Paritosh unexpectedly enters the throng and starts playing dandiya with Kinjal.

Anupama seizes control of Kinjal and engages Paritosh in a combative game of dandiya till the latter’s dandiya sticks slip from his grasp.

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