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TV ShowsSerial Update: Anupamaa, 23rd September 2022, Written Update

Serial Update: Anupamaa, 23rd September 2022, Written Update

Serial Update: Bollywood Hush is back with another update on your favorite Star Plus shows Anupamaa. The current theme of the show is on Anupamaa, who struggles to keep a balance in her relationships because each one requires more care and attention. Kinjal has arrived to reside at the Kapadiya mansion with Anupamaa, much to the chagrin of Leela, Barkha, and Ankush.

Serial Update: Anupamaa, 23rd September 2022, Written Update

Future episodes will have Barkha manipulating Kinjal into divorcing Toshu. Kinjal requests that Barkha refrain from offering her counsel and leave her alone. Anupama departs for work. She calls Anuj over video and learns that Aarya is choking. While she is away, she asks Kinjal to massage Aarya’s back. As Anu enters, Anuj is harmed. She struggles with deciding whom to assist first. When the doctors come, they examine Anuj and Aarya. Anu keeps blaming the issues on herself.

Anu believes she is incapable of carrying out her duties. Anuj tries to soothe her anxiety. He gets a call from Choti Anu’s school informing him that Choti Anu’s admission cannot be approved because Anu failed to apply by the deadline. Anuj feels let down. Anupamaa is still in a panic because she thinks she can’t live up to everyone’s expectations.

Leela and Vanraj become aware of Toshu’s suicidal inclinations. Toshu confronts Vanraj and informs him that while he was being kicked out of the house, he had an affair for about seven years. He declares that they will soon bear the brunt of it and accuses him and Anupamaa of destroying his family.

In upcoming episodes, Leela warns Kinjal that if she doesn’t go home, Anu will force her to divorce Toshu. She is informed by Anu that only Kinjal and Toshu will be able to decide.

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