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TV ShowsSerial Update: Anupamaa, 20th September 2022, Written Update

Serial Update: Anupamaa, 20th September 2022, Written Update

Serial Update: In the current episode, Vanraj tells Kavya that while he has provided a defense for his behavior regarding the extramarital affair, it is insufficient. He claims that despite what he did, he now only loves Kavya and still finds it difficult to forgive himself for what he did to Anupama. He claims that if Anupama hadn’t exposed him, he would have kept making errors, and he didn’t want Toshu to pursue his faults. God, according to Kavya, continues to put decent people through their paces. The following day, Anupama calls Anuj and Anu and tells them she misses them and wants to know how they are doing.

Serial Update: Anupamaa, 20th September 2022, Written Update

It’s unjust that they constantly call her for every small problem. Kavya informs her while giving her tea and thanking her for remaining with Kinjal.

According to Anupama, a woman has to endure a lot of problems. Later, Anupama serves everyone juice while Baa shouts at her to serve poison. When asked why Anupama couldn’t keep quiet, Pakhi claims that she destroyed Toshu’s life. Vanraj urges them to be quiet so she can speak. Anupama advises Baa to be grateful that she has not gone through what Kinjal and she had.

Even Arya won’t be able to feel both of her parents’ love, says Pakhi. Pakhi claims that she should have been able to pardon Toshu and Vanraj. If she desires, she can beg Pakhi to tolerate her husband’s adultery. Anuj gets out of bed and looks for Anupama. GK points out that she’s not here, but he can’t recall telling her to wait. Anupama warns them that she won’t ask for their assistance if they treat her like a given. She only does it out of love for them.

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