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TV ShowsSerial Update: Ajooni, 29th November 2022, Written Update

Serial Update: Ajooni, 29th November 2022, Written Update

Serial Update: At the start of the episode, Rajveer tells Ajooni that he has never seen Ravinder this way. He claims that he is the cause of his father’s illness. He begs her to drop the complaint. Ajooni tells Rajveer that while she will do anything for him, she cannot accept wrongdoing. She claims, if she doesn’t forgive Harman and Bebe, then nothing will alter in this home. He pledges to stand beside her no matter what. Rajveer asks Ajooni to drop the lawsuit for his sake. She consents to drop the complaint and departs the house.

Ravinder complains to Mangi Ram that, despite having everything, he is powerless to help his wife and mother. He is assured by Mangi Ram that a solution will be found.

Shikha expresses to Ravinder her desire to assist him. She is asked by Ravinder why she is still wandering around his home. She expresses her regret to him for her error. She receives all of his blame. Ravinder is informed by Mangi Ram that they have the power to force Shikha to tell media reporters that Harman and Bebe are innocent.

Ajooni informs the police inspector that she arrived at the station to withdraw the complaint. She is commended for her choice by the police inspector, who then enters. One of the women hears them talking. She admits to Ajooni that she used to receive daily beatings from her husband after he drank. She claims that after seeing Ajooni on the news, she decided to discipline her spouse. She begs her not to retreat.

In the meantime, Ravinder claims to have called the reporters to show his family’s innocence. He claims that Karuna misinterpreted everything and that all the accusations are false. He challenges Shikha to be honest. According to Shikha, Rajveer and Harman saved her after her dupatta caught fire as a result of her carelessness. Media reporters are informed by Ravinder that it was an accident. A media reporter questions Ravinder about the purpose of Shikha’s statement after Ajooni filed a complaint against Baggas. Reporters for the media depart from there. When Rajveer arrives, he queries Ravinder about what is going on. Ravinder explains everything to him. Rajveer reported informed him that Ajooni visited the police station to have the complaint withdrawn.

Watch this space for more serial update.

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