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TV ShowsSerial Update: Ajooni 26th September 2022 Written Update

Serial Update: Ajooni 26th September 2022 Written Update

Serial Update: As the episode opens, Ajooni questions Rajveer about Aman. She learns from Rajveer that Aman is in the ICU. She inquires as to Aman’s well-being. He chastises her for leaving Aman by himself. She admits to going to fill out the form. He holds her responsible for Aman’s state. He claims that trusting her was a mistake. She came to meet Avinash, he tells her. The doctor requests that he bring medicine. Rajveer advises Ajooni not to move until he comes back.

Serial Update: Ajooni 26th September 2022 Written Update

Ravinder complains to the hospital trustee about the conditions. Avinash tells him that it appears to be a deliberate attack. He admits that he observed someone exiting the room housing the power supply. The trustee claims that something is suspicious, and he won’t spare whoever is to blame. He informs Ravinder that Aman was saved by Avinash and Ajooni. Hearing him shocks Rajveer. Ravinder confesses to Ajooni that he chastised her harshly out of rage. She receives his apology. He expresses gratitude to Avinash. Then he blesses Ajooni.

Avinash eventually admits to Ajooni that Aman was never pregnant. Ajooni questions Aman about why she lied. Aman informs her that she was powerless to prevent Harvinder’s marriage. She begs them not to tell Baggas the truth.

Bebe prays that God will keep their grandchild safe. In the meantime, Avinash informs Baggas that they were unable to save Aman’s child. Avinash blocks Ravinder from attacking Ajooni when he is about to do so. Avinash informs Ravinder that an elevator accident was planned.

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