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Bollywood LifestyleSeerat Kapoor reveals her top 5 learnings of 2022

Seerat Kapoor reveals her top 5 learnings of 2022

Seerat Kapoor just made her Bollywood debut with Maarrich, which stars Tusshar Kapoor and Naseeruddin Shah as the male protagonists, after working her magic in the South Asian film business. Since the film’s premiere, Seerat has utterly enchanted all of her fans with her seriousness, nuance, charm, and, uh, trendy looks on huge screens! We can say that the actress had a successful year, and with only a few days left till the new year, Seerat Kapoor shares the top 5 lessons she took away from 2022.

Seerat Kapoor:

Belief in your abilities and the novelty of your path
Regardless of what others say, have faith in yourself. You don’t need to keep up with your neighbours’ pace. Being secure allows us to all live in peace.

Through every achievement, stepping stone, and obstacle, to strengthen
Accept yourself completely, including your entire human nature, your emotional body, your divinity, and your innate voice. It causes a deep internal sensation of awareness. We might occasionally experience unpleasant feelings. It’s crucial to pay attention to any decline in our mental well-being. We are all aware that life has its share of highs and lows. Accept change. Every experience eventually makes us smarter if we choose to practice mindfulness and embrace the present moment instead of turning to escapism. Be grateful for the chances that you are given.

Trust the process
In my life, this has been crucial. I’m quite happy to have learned this lesson. Whatever choice you make, as long as it’s yours, it will be the best one for you. Only you can decide what is best for you. By accepting the duty of refining your decisions, you can discover your path. We all eventually learn from our mistakes, so keep going and find your higher power.

Keep away from believing in hearsay
Working closely with my character and the script for my movie Maarrich makes you wonder if the name Maarrich is just a title or if it serves as a metaphor for many aspects of life. Take care of yourself. Have faith in your judgement.

Be happy and cheerful.
If things don’t go according to your plans, something better is probably waiting for you. Be positive and open-minded. Even if the procedure is slow, persistence and patience are rewarded a thousand times over.

Seerat Kapoor will portray the female lead in the untitled sequel to Dil Raju’s previous film, continuing her professional career. Along with Badshah, Seerat Kapoor received nocturnal fame for their song “Slow Slow.”

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