Gossip & NewsSee pics! Anshuman Jha and Sierra get married in North Carolina, US

See pics! Anshuman Jha and Sierra get married in North Carolina, US

The seasoned actor Anshuman Jha recently tied the knot with his fiance. Pictures of the beautiful couple have gone viral on the internet. The actor-turned-producer had an intimate wedding ceremony away from his hometown in North Carolina, United States. Pictures from their wedding ceremony are doing rounds on social media. They look absolutely breathtaking and in love. The location of their wedding is no less than heaven on earth.  

The couple waited a long time since their engagement to tie the knot due to the pandemic. However, they are finally happily married. The couple had the perfect fall-season wedding in the United States. Their wedding was very meaningful as they did it according to her father’s dream. The bride was rowed across the lake by her father where her groom Anshuman was already waiting for his bride.  

Anshuman Jha and Sierra:

They took the vows at the most scenic location under the open sky with fall leaves all around. Their wedding ceremony was a close and intimate affair attended by selected people. Now, Anshuman and Sierra will be flying to Alaska for their romantic honeymoon. The Indian leg of their wedding will be happening in March 2023.  

On the work front, Jha is looking forward to rushing back to India for the promotions of his upcoming film ‘Lakadbaggha’. Meanwhile, Sierra will be flying to Israel on November 3rd week to participate in the Iron Man championship on November 25th. 

Talking about his wedding, the actor said, “Sierra always dreamt of a ‘fall’ season wedding, Sam (her dad) always dreamt of rowing her across the lake, my mom’s dream was to see me married, I always dreamt of finding a partner who inspires me – A lot of dreams came true this day & I’m sure Ma was watching. It was a perfect day & we only have gratitude for the universe. Marriage ain’t a noun, it’s a verb & we feel blessed to be entering this phase together”. 

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