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Gossip & NewsSee pics - Actor Mohit Malhotra holidaying in Goa

See pics – Actor Mohit Malhotra holidaying in Goa

The versatile Indian actor Mohit Malhotra has been busy with multiple projects. However, the actor has finally taken a much-needed vacation. Pictures of Mohit Malhotra holidaying in Goa have gone viral on the internet. He confesses for him taking short breaks is mandatory. Getting in a candid chat with Bollywood Hush, Mohit speaks about his holiday.  

Mohit says, “I am in Goa on a long weekend and will be returning to Mumbai on Tuesday. It’s been a while since I went on vacation. My last one was in April when I went to the US.” 

Actor Mohit Malhotra:

See pics - Actor Mohit Malhotra holidaying in Goa

Talking about Goa, he adds, “I love the vibe of Goa. There is something that makes you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Also, I love beaches and being close to water is therapeutic for me. Whenever I have had long shooting schedules, I always go to Goa as it is closer, and you can return to Mumbai the same day. Such short trips reset and refresh me. My idea of a perfect holiday is chilling by the beach while reading my favourite book and if not that, then you will find me hopping restaurants in an attempt to discover great food that teases my taste buds, or hanging out with a bunch of my close friends.” 

He has a bucket list of countries he wishes to explore, too and he feels fortunate to have covered most of them. However, that only encourages him to keep adding more names to the list. “I am a regular traveller and I am off to a new destination every three months. The prospect of travelling excites me and I look forward to a new experience. I just can’t wait to travel. I have a list and I have to keep ticking it and keep exploring new cities, countries and cultures,” he concludes. 

So, this was all about the actor Mohit Malhotra. Stay tuned to Bollywood Hush for more Bollywood Entertainment News.