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See Now! Paris Holiday pics of TV heartthrob Aly Goni & Jasmin Bhasin

The TV heartthrob Aly Goni is currently on a vacation. The actor is making his fans go gaga with his latest pictures from the city of love Paris. He is painting the town red with his drool-worthy pictures. Let us tell you, Aly is very popular on social media. He loves to stay connected to his fans through his official social media handle. Aly often shared exclusive pictures and trending reels on his Instagram account.  

Let us tell you, the actor is in the city of love with the love of his life Jasmin Bhasin. The power couple of the TV industry is setting goals for their fans with their new holiday trip. Talking about his trip, Aly said, “I think it’s very important to make time for travel as it really helps broaden your horizon. As an actor, travelling to different places gives you a fresh perspective and this actually helps develop your performance,”  

Aly Goni & Jasmin Bhasin:

Anyone who has seen Aly in any reality show will vouch for the fact that the actor is one of the most genuine in the industry. Calling a spade, a space, Aly is not one to exaggerate or downplay his experiences. His short room tour in Paris, which is part of his vlog, is testimony to this. Treating his fans to a tour of his room in Paris, Aly talks about how extremely tiny it is, a problem that probably most travellers face in Paris! 

A haircut and multiple shopping sprees are what have kept Aly busy in Paris till now. In fact, he even put up a poll on Instagram, asking his fans which bag to buy. He also went to the Eiffel Tower, where he and Jasmin had a caricature sketch made of themselves. From basking in the sun to sporting some of the most fashionable clothes, Aly is surely giving us some major style goals on this trip! All we can say is, Keep the fashionable stories and vlogs coming, Aly! 

So, this was all about the latest pictures of Aly Goni. Stay connected to Bollywood Hush for more Bollywood Entertainment News. 

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