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Satish Kaushik Makes Shocking Remarks on Award Functions

Multi-talented, Satish Kaushik has won the hearts of the audience. However, his talent has never been recognized by an award. Sushant’s death re-ignited the nepotism debate. His fans also questioned the worth of the awards that film fraternity gives to star-kids. Now the actor, director and producer has put forth intriguing and shocking views about Award Functions. The senior man believes there is hardly any difference between award functions and T.V. shows.

Satish Kaushik compares Award functions and T.V. Shows:

He was quoted by Hindustan Times as, “Award functions have become more like TV shows. Most of them are about the functions, glamour and less about the art. At times I fail to understand how they actually decide the winners. “ The 64-year-old also went on to talk about the movie ‘Tere Naam’ which was directed by him. He said that although the character of ‘Radhe’ which was played by Salman Khan was iconic but neither the actor nor the director got any award for it.

Satish also poured out his wise words to share his thoughts about deciding which movie should be awarded. He believes the audiences’ reactions should be paid more heed to and the panel which decides should be secretive. In addition, he would also the panel to be outside of film fraternity.

He also said, “In my 41 years of career, I’ve acted, directed and produced films. I’m still doing that. I’ve also done TV, exploring web and doing a radio show. The love and support I got from the audience have inspired me throughout. Earlier it would hurt to not get awards but now the recognition from the audience matters to me more. If I get awards that would be wonderful, else I’m happy otherwise also.”

Satish Kaushik is sure to inspire the young minds who are struggling with the same thoughts. Take to the comments section below to tell us your views about the same.

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