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Gossip & NewsSara Ali Khan Banaras controversy – Attends Ganga Aarti being a Muslim

Sara Ali Khan Banaras controversy – Attends Ganga Aarti being a Muslim

The actress Sara Ali Khan is from the millenniums. She is quirky and fun, and she loves to travel. Recently the video of Sara was trending on the internet where she was seen shopping from the local and busy streets of Banaras. BollywoodHush even had shared the video, and the highlights with you read about it here. As we all know however much, secular India is the people still manage to divide the community. Sara Ali Khan is being criticized for visiting the Ganga Aarti on Sunday in Banaras. Read more to know in detail about Sara Ali Khan Banaras controversy.

Sara Ali Khan was in Banaras for her upcoming film Atrangi Ray shoot. She then went on to explore the place and joined in the Ganga Aarti. Now, not only the Muslims but even the Hindus are criticizing her for it. Objections have been raised by the Kashi Vikas Samiti that the actress in a non-Hindu so she cannot attend the Aarti. Although Chandra Shekhar Kapoor, the secretary of the Samiti, said, “The actor’s visit to the temple is against traditions and established norms. It also raises questions on the security of the temple when there is a signboard clearly stating that the entry of ‘non-Hindus’ is prohibited.” He even added that few priests have also violated the norms in the greediness of publicity and Dakshina. 

Sara Ali Khan Banaras controversy:

Sara Ali Khan Banaras controversy – Attends Ganga Aarti being a Muslim

Her visit to Banaras was publicized as the actress herself had uploaded videos and photos on her social media account. She didn’t think of the consequences before doing so. The Kashi Vikas Samiti now demands a probe and immediate action against the guilties. Banaras’s local pandits and seers are very upset and disappointed with this situation.  

Rakesh Mishra a fellow priest says, “Though we appreciate her interest in the Hindu religion the fact remains that she is a Muslim and should not have participated in the rituals. For her, all this could be ‘interesting and exciting’ but for us, it is a matter of religious piety. Sara would be known by the religion of her father, Saif Ali Khan, who is a Muslim.” 

Another priest named Amarnath Bajpai says in support of Sara Ali Khan, that she was accompanied by her mother, Amrita Singh, who is a devout Hindu. 

This Sara Ali Khan Banaras controversy is rising gradually, keep coming back to know the latest updates on it. Tell us in the comments about your opinions on this controversy.