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Bollywood MoviesSaqib Saleem Stands By Friend Rhea and her Family

Saqib Saleem Stands By Friend Rhea and her Family

After Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, the Bollywood Industry was badly portrayed. All the malpractices in the industry came to focus and this has ruined its image. The harsh media trials that happened with Rhea, had enraged many actors and celebs. The hashtags like JusticeForRhea and ReleaseRhea were also trending on Twitter. Earlier the hashtag of JusticeforSushant was trending. The drug angle in Sushant’s case also brought a different kind of ruckus that divided the industry further and maligned it as well. Now Saqib Saleem has come forward to talk on the same. He also shared that as a friend it is his responsibility to stand by Rhea Chakraborty in these trying times.

Saqib Saleem shares his thoughts on Sushant’s Case:

The actor said that he has lost faith in news channels as everyone is presenting their own version of case. He also said that news channels should only report facts and not give narrative to the audiences. “We all want justice for Sushant and Rhea.” he further added. Saqib is Rhea’s friend and thinks it is his responsibility to stand with Rhea and her family in these times.

Talking about the social media and the hatred spread on these platforms, Saqib said that actors have become soft targets. He continued, “The industry’s image is being tarnished but the industry is not just the actors but technicians, directors, creative talent and Bollywood generates a lot of revenue through films. Rather than talking about generalising the whole industry, people point out individuals who have done anything wrong. Moreover, most of the stuff being said is propaganda. Truth will come out soon.”

He also said that he does not enjoy the society we have become. In addition, the vilification and portrayal of a person by media upsets the actor. A week ago, he also shared a post where he demanded justice for both, Sushant and Rhea, on Instagram.

He also talked about his soon-to-be released show Crackdown. He said the world of espionage created by his friend-director Apoorva Lakhia is mind blowing. The actor further claimed that the project seems super exciting to him and he couldn’t deny due to the interesting role.

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