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Sandip Ssingh shares texts with Sushant Singh Rajput and Family on Social Media

In Sushant Singh Rajput’s mystery death case, Sandip Ssingh attracted an eye of suspicion from many people out there. Sandip had shared a bond of best friendship with Sushant when the actor started his acting career. The friend was suspected about why did he call the ambulance driver after a long time of Sushant’s death. In addition, Sushant’s family lawyer also suspected Sandip taking charge of the activities after Sushant’s death. Responding to many allegations against him, Sushant’s friend shared chats with Sushant and his family to clear the air of suspicion around him. He gave the reason for calling the ambulance driver. He said he made the call to confirm if his payment was cleared or not.

Sandip Ssingh shares personal chats with Sushant and family:

Sandip Ssingh shares texts with Sushant Singh Rajput and Family on Social Media

Chats with Sushant:

Sharing his personal chats on Instagram, he wrote, “Sorry bhai, my silence has broken 20 years of my image and family into pieces. I was unaware that friendship requires a certificate in today’s time. Today I am making our personal chats public, as this is the last resort which proves our equation.”

He also went on to share as why he took charge of the activities at Sushant’s home post his death on June 14. He wrote, “On 14th June when I heard about you I was unable to stop myself and I rushed to your house in grief but was shocked to see no one present except Mittu Didi. I am still thinking whether I was wrong to stand by your sister in that critical time or I should have waited for your other friends to come.”

Chats with Sushant’s family:

In addition, he also shared chats of Sushant’s sister and her husband. He captioned the screenshots as, “Everyone is saying that your family does not know me. Yes, its correct, I never met your family. Is it my fault to help a grieving sister alone in this city to complete the final rites of a brother ?
Just want to end the speculation why I was talking to the ambulance driver despite his statement.”

Not only this, Sandip was also suspected to hold some criminal records in Mauritius. Clearing the rumours, he shared a letter by Mauritius Police saying that he doesn’t have any police records. He captioned it, “Just want to end the speculation on the planted Mauritius story to degrade my image of a self-made person out of jealousy and put me down. Sharing the letter from the Mauritius Police. There was no such case ever filed.”


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