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Gossip & NewsSandhya Mridul speaks about Insider vs Outsider Debate

Sandhya Mridul speaks about Insider vs Outsider Debate

Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely demise has left a void in fans’ and family’s heart. Not only this, the “Nepotism” debate has been reignited in the Bollywood industry. The outsider and insider debate has shown many twists and turns. Recently, Sandhya Mridul opened up about the same.

Sandhya Mridul speaks about Insider vs Outsider Debate

Sandhya Mridul on Insider-Outsider Debate:

She said, “Sushant left behind a very important debate, and I believe that everything should be a discussion, and not mentally abusive to anybody right now. This whole insider vs outsider was not supposed to be an ugly witch hunting battle. It was supposed to be debate, a conversation.”

The actress also admitted that she has also faced unpleasant situations in the industry. She further went on to mention that she is not scared to speak about the same. She said, ““I’m not saying that it didn’t happen to me or I didn’t have the guts to say it. I agree in this industry, there were a few actors about whom a whole narrative was created because we pissed off somebody important, there’s no denying that. But to sit and continuously abuse, is also not right. It’s not the energy that we need to create.”

She further added, “I’ve always said what I had to say but the point is we need to give the system a chance because I think it’s changing. Yet, don’t take sh*t but try and do good work.”

The actress is also completely against bringing someone down or name-calling people. The lady brings to us a standard class of dignity as she said, “I know good work will come. If it doesn’t, then you speak about it. Yes, we all feel angry and we’ve all lost out on opportunities, so it’s about changing the system and not bringing down someone. But, there are different ways to do that,”

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