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Sameera Reddy talks about Beauty Standards in Bollywood

Everyone gets their own fair share of struggles. Sameera Reddy was no less. However, her constant efforts kept failing. The actress has now opened up about what Bollywood demands. In other words, the beauty standards sought in Bollywood were too harsh on her. She was tagged as “too dark”, “too tall’ and “too broad”. Not only this, people also told her that she did not fit in the image of a girl next door.

Sameera Reddy talks about her journey to Self-Love:

In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, the actress talked about her incessant tries and struggles. She also admitted that she used to feel exhausted and taxed because of always trying to fit in. She said, “I was told I was too dark, too tall, too broad. I didn’t fit into that girl next door look. I had to constantly try and fit in it and it really exhausted and tired me.” The actress further went on to talk about her journey of self-love. She added, “I don’t regret it because that was my learning to learn to come to this point of loving myself unconditionally. You have to go through a point where you actually hate yourself because when you come to this point of hating yourself so much and break into pieces, you can put yourself back together in the most beautiful way possible.”

Sameera also shared that there was always something in her that was asked to be fixed. Earlier the actress had run a campaign of #ImperfectlyPerfect during her second pregnancy. She had also openly talked about the postpartum depression that she was a victim to. She was quoted as, “My campaign comes from the fact that I felt completely disillusioned and broken after being pregnant the first time when I gained weight and was 105 kgs. The perfect body and the perfect face that I worked on, for my film career, broke apart and I was completely lost.”

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