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Gossip & NewsSameera Reddy shares her Postpartum Depression Story

Sameera Reddy shares her Postpartum Depression Story

Sameera Reddy, the epitome of optimism and openness has voiced her opinions on post-partum depression and many more things. Talking about how secluded her career felt in her life after becoming a mother, the actress took to Instragram to share her views. The beautiful actress talked about her struggles that she went through with regard to her body gaining fat.

Sameera wrote, “Was I ‘still’ sexy Sam? Can I now be branded a ‘yummy mummy’ ? How many followers did I have ? Was my worth still valid ? Was I now a ‘Former’ actress ? Just a ‘Mother’? Bollywood friends I can ‘plug’ in selfies ? 👉🏼 this was April 2019. I was coming back from a long break from the public eye and was asked these questions by an industry person as to what image was i going to project??.”

Reddy even wrote about her declining self-worth. Her post read, “👉🏼I had resurfaced after struggling with Post Partum Depression after Hans, lots of weight on me, self worth issues, a major emotional struggle and confusion with where I stood in my own mind. A career girl was now ‘just a mother’ . Lost . So I surrendered . I remember telling Akshai, I can’t hide . I can’t lie to myself . I struggle . I’m as scared as anyone else out there . I don’t have a plan . All I know is I want to own it and have any other woman feel she can too . Own her flaws , her scars , her struggles , her weight , her losing battles, her low self worth, her grey hair , her hair loss , her cellulite, her pimples , her age , her pain, her expectations.”

Leaving a positive impression on her fans and instilling in them a sense of self-love, Sameera further added, “And that’s #imperfectlyperfect . Many of my posts aim to remind people that accepting and loving yourself is the most powerful tool to achieve a positive space . And I’m so grateful to have our community of amazing women and men who want change , who seek a real space, who know there is a place for everyone and we don’t need to pull each other down to survive . The past year has only taught me that the truth does set you free. We’re all in this together 🙏🏼❤️ #imperfectlyperfect

Check her post here.

Certainly, Sameera’s fans and followers are more enlightened now than ever.

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