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Sakshi Dwivedi finally opens up about Sunny Leone & her trauma in Splitsvilla!

On reality shows, competitors frequently go above and above to showcase their worth, but the reality of these shows frequently distresses them. During her time in Splitsvilla, actress Sakshi Dwivedi was involved in a number of similar instances.

A recent video clip of the show’s host, Sunny Leone, practically dragging Sakshi and forcing her to take her spot at the podium has gone viral. Sakshi cuts her off, so she responds by doing this.

“The video is about the occasion when there was a fight between two participants while we were all in the dumping zone. Everyone was making their case and speaking up. I was one of the participants attempting to make a point, and because I was speaking quickly and at the moment, I failed to pick up on what she had to say. I realized my point was incomplete when I realized she was attempting to explain. I apologized for interrupting her in some way.” She continues, “Sunny Leone is gorgeous, but only from the outside. Unfortunately, Sunny got incredibly angry and just passed the line. It wasn’t required to ask me to host the program. Even if I get the chance to host a show in the future, I won’t treat people badly.”

Sakshi Dwivedi:

It was quite uncomfortable for me, adds Sakshi. I probably shouldn’t have interrupted her, but what she did was inexcusable. She dragged me and ordered me to stand at her location while she went to my location and stood in the trash area. She was acting quite impolitely, and her language wasn’t something anyone would want to hear. People are bashing Sunny as a result of their extremely passionate reactions. They are helping me, which is wonderful. People still respect one another, so it is not acceptable for a host to treat a guest with such disrespect and drag them around. It’s the same thing as abusing your power in this situation.

Sakshi claims that Sunny was never considerate of her. She was unkind to me from the start, and once Uorfi arrived, she started siding with her. Later, Uorfi and I grew close, but that is another story. Sunny simply treated me poorly. She spoke a lot of hurtful things off camera as well, which were not even captured. I am aware of her true appearance. When we were all being dumped one day, we all developed fevers; perhaps a virus had been circulated around the villa.

Everyone developed a cold and cough. I first developed it, and I wasn’t well enough to complete the water duty. I was addressing my illness with the staff in the meantime. Other competitors were given explanations of the rules, but I was forced to complete the work since, of course, the show is more important than these trivial details. Additionally, regulations weren’t clarified to me because I was there with other people who were also talking about my issue.

But once more, Sunny yelled at me without realizing that I hadn’t been adequately informed of the rules. Even yet, she later said that I should have let her know I was ill so that she could have offered assistance. But the very following day, when my situation worsened and I pleaded with her to take this into consideration, she responded, “You’re dying, right? I don’t think you’re sick unless you’re lying in a bed at a hospital! “. Hearing this startled me. All of these remain okay, but assaulting someone in front of others while filming a reality show is unacceptable, even after I apologized.

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