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MoviesBollywood MoviesSaif Ali Khan says He Has experienced Politics, Nepotism & Favouritism

Saif Ali Khan says He Has experienced Politics, Nepotism & Favouritism

Senior actor, Saif Ali Khan, who hails from a very rich and reputed family said that he too has experienced struggles in his life. Just like any other actor, Saif has also faced his part of problems. The actor talked about how he used to be replaced and also that he has done some unknown films. He also gets upsets when people do not buy his stories of struggles.

The actor shared this with a news portal. He told that he has done dodgy films like Surakshaa and Ek tha Raja. He was quoted as, “I don’t think I’ve had it particularly easy, even though some people will say ‘oh, of course you have’! But I’ve done a lot of stuff that a lot of people wouldn’t have done. I mean I’ve played third lead in some dodgy films like ‘Surakshaa’ and ‘Ek Tha Raja’, which nobody has heard of.”

Saif Ali Khan unfolds the story of his struggles:

He also added, “But I never thought what the hell am I doing here. I knew what I was doing there. I was trying to get paid and trying to do this job.”

“It’s alright not be going anywhere if you’re 25 but you don’t want to be there at 50 for sure. But a job’s a job, right?”

He also shared how politics in the industry had affected him. He said, “There are stories like a film might have come or gone, usually it’s me and then once or twice somebody’s rung up and said ‘oh, I don’t know, this film that we offered you might not be offered to you anymore because there’s been some politics behind the scene’, so you’re like ‘ok wow’. So, all that has happened.”

He also unveiled that he has also fought to get his roles back. In addition, Saif made a mention of actor Akshay Kumar. He said that they both know what the other has gone through. He made a confession of his struggles in a podcast show with Neha Dhupia. The podcast is on JioSaavn named ‘#NofilterNeha’ season 5.

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