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MoviesBollywood MoviesRuslaan Mumtaz shares he joined the Industry to get Popularity

Ruslaan Mumtaz shares he joined the Industry to get Popularity

Ruslaan Mumtaz entered Bollywood with a movie called ‘MP3: Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar’. The movie was released in 2007. He is the son of actor Anjana Mumtaz. Ruslaan told ETimes in an interview that he wanted to do films to become famous. He in clear words confessed that he did not become actor because of his love for acting. He was driven by the glamour world and wanted popularity. For these reasons, his mother was not very supportive of his career. She wanted him to choose a regular job as this industry affects life a lot.

Ruslaan Mumtaz says his mother was not supportive of joining Bollywood:

He was quoted as, “She has been closely associated with this industry and she knew that it is not easy to make your space here. Many people, including me, joined the industry for the glamour part of it. I wanted to become an actor but I did not have the right reasons. I did not become an actor because I loved acting.”

He added, “I became an actor because I wanted to become famous. And she saw that and she did not want me to pursue this career for popularity. She discouraged me and wanted me to get a regular job that wouldn’t affect my life so much. This profession affects our personal life very much.”

He even opined on nepotism and how star-kids get name and fame. He said, “As far as the star kids are concerned, that association value will always be there. People know their parents. No matter how much people crib about star kids being launched and nepotism in Bollywood, kids of superstars will always interest them more than any other newbie getting launched. It is easy to sit at home and complain about this when the theatres are closed now. Once the theatres open, these very people will go and watch the first star-kid film that releases and make it a success.”

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