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Gossip & NewsRuslaan Mumtaz Opines on Social Media Trolls, Negativity & Mental Health of...

Ruslaan Mumtaz Opines on Social Media Trolls, Negativity & Mental Health of Actors

Just like a coin, social media has two sides. If it is benefiting actors to get more popular, it is also spoiling their peace of mind. Many actors have been on the receiving end of hatred and toxicity from social media. Now, Ruslaan Mumtaz has opened up about the same. Although he has a decent fanbase but still negativity based on religion surrounds him very often. While speaking to a news portal, he also shared how mental health varies with changing times in an actor’s life.

Ruslaan Mumtaz Opines on Social Media Trolls, Negativity & Mental Health of Actors

Ruslaan Mumtaz talks about Social Media Toxicity:

The actor said, “The recent things that I have been noticing in the past one year that irrespective of anything, people start this Hindu-Muslim debate. I don’t know what has instilled this in people. I believe that people have changed in our country. They have biased opinions on things and they are stuck to those opinions.”

He goes on to mention that he has shut the door for such kind of negativity. He also shared that if praises a Hindu actor, he is bashed for not supporting Muslims. However, when he appreciates craft by Muslim actors, people say he is doing because he is a Muslim as well. He believes people will not change.

Ruslaan talks about Mental Health among Actors:

Talking about the issue of mental health amongst actors, he said it takes maturity to see things clearly. He was quoted as, “When you ask a newcomer why he wants to become an actor, they will mostly say it is because they wanted to become famous or be known. I don’t blame them because even I was like that at one point in time. It takes a little maturity and experience to see beyond it. If your parents are from the industry, they have already informed you about these things. That is why I think producers take star kids as they are probably more prepared for these things than others. They handle the ups and downs more maturely.”

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