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RRR Box Office Collection: SS Rajamouli’s RRR crosses Rs. 700 crores in India

RRR Box Office Collection: On its second Monday, RRR grossed approximately Rs. 22.50 crores, surpassing Rs. 700 crores at the Indian box office. The film took eleven days to reach the seventh century, but Baahubali 2 only took eight days. The reduction from Sunday is around 63 percent on Monday, which is about average for a second Monday. So far in the second week, the film has grossed around Rs. 185 crores and is expected to gross between Rs. 235 and 240 crores for the entire week. The second-week decrease is expected to be approximately 55%, which is a good drop for any film, especially one that had the first-week gross of Rs. 500 crores or more.

RRR Box Office Collection

RRR Box Office Collection: SS Rajamouli's RRR crosses Rs. 700 crores in India

In India, the film is expected to gross between Rs. 900 and Rs. 950 crores, with an Rs. 1000 crore figure possible depending on how it performs versus KGF Chapter 2 in mid-April.

The following is a list of RRR’s box office collections in India:

Week One – Rs. 519.50 crores

2nd Friday – Rs. 37.50 crores

2nd Saturday – Rs. 63 crores

2nd Sunday – Rs. 61.50 crores

2nd Monday – Rs. 22.50 crores

Total – Rs. 704 crores

The strongest holds were in Coastal Andhra, where business was only 10% down from Thursday. Nizam also held up well, with a decrease of less than 60% from Sunday. The ticket prices, which had been raised for the first 10 days, were reduced to normal levels on Monday, resulting in a 50 percent decline in attendance. Last week, the territory’s occupancy was at an all-time low on weekdays, with hefty ticket costs likely driving repeat viewers away. It will be interesting to see if there is an increase in occupancy levels as ticket prices revert to normal. 

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