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TV ShowsRrahul Sudhir talks about his character in Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

Rrahul Sudhir talks about his character in Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

His brooding looks and impeccable acting chops has got his character of Vansh in producer Mamta Yash Patnaik’s show Ishq Mein Marjawa 2, a thumbs up from fans. While actor Rrahul Sudhir is oblivious to the love he is getting from everyone for his work, he does understand why the character sketch is gaining popularity. Rrahul Sudhir talks about his character in detail. 

“Has it (gained so much popularity)? I am mostly oblivious to these things. I am just glad the show is working and I hope it does better each week,” says the actor. Reasoning with the love of the audience for his character, the talented actor says, “I think a flawed character is more relatable than a selfless hero.” 

For the multi-talented actor, the secret to portraying a good character is having faith in the director. “I don’t connect with Vansh at all. I still haven’t figured out my character. From day one to this day, you see the character changing, first, he was more poker-faced and slowly you see him giving things out. So, you just show up on set and let the director handle all these difficulties for you. I guess trusting the director and the process is the key.” he says.  

Rrahul Sudhir talks about his character:

Rrahul Sudhir talks about his character in Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

Being part of a strong production team can make or break shows. Rrahul is all in praise of his producer Mamta Patnaik. “I think she knows her stuff and damn does it she knows it well! She has created characters that are phenomenal and not just run of the mill hero in the telly world. Every character is unique and has a very realistic shade. I am lucky to be a part of her story and can’t be thankful enough for it. Irrespective of what happens to Vansh, we all must remember he was born in her mind,” he says.   

The actor, who has resumed shooting amid ongoing COVID 19, is following all safety measures on the sets. However, embracing the ‘new normal’ does come with its challenges. “It sorts of bothers me at times, but we can’t help it. We need to realize the threat this virus poses and prevention is better than cure. Shoots have been restrained and a lot of things we could do have been put in the back seat. Praying and hoping the ‘new normal’ go back to the previous normal,” he says.  

However, Rrahul has a message for his fans who are struggling with similar feelings of restlessness.  “Stay tight, stay put, and just wait it out,” says the actor as he signs off. So, this was Rrahul Sudhir talks about his character in the show Ishq Mein Marjawan 2. Tell us your thoughts through the comments below. Stay tuned to Bollywood Hush for more news and updates on your favorite shows.