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Gossip & NewsRohit Choudhary files defamation and criminal case against KRK

Rohit Choudhary files defamation and criminal case against KRK

Kamaal R Khan aka KRK known for his poor and cheap remarks on celebrities is always the center of controversies. His demeaning comments have offended many and Producer and Real Estate entrepreneur. Rohit Choudhary is one of them who has even filed a defamation and criminal case at the Dwarka court against the self-proclaimed film critic. 

Rohit shared that in 2013 a common friend introduced him to KRK, who wanted to get a loan against his property in Delhi. Revealing more details, Rohit said, “He had two commercial properties in Delhi, both of 100 yards, and he needed money so wanted me to finance against the property. But when I asked him to give me the possession and documents of the property, he didn’t hand it over to me, and our deal wasn’t finalized.” 

Rohit Chaudhary said that KRK used to ask for favors whenever he visited Delhi and asked him to help him with selling off his properties. But because there were no interested buyers then, KRK requested me to ask my elder brother for the same.

He added, “Their deal was finalized. However, later we got to know that one of the properties was on his name and the other was on his brother’s name and the signatures are fake. KRK wanted us to pay first for his brother’s property so we had a doubt. We suggested him to first finalize the deal of his property. We also asked him to call his brother as a witness. He did not agree.” 

Furthermore, “After a few days, he informs us that he is ready to sign and sell his own property. So, we went for the meeting and did the payment but he did not hand over the papers. He started misbehaving with us. One of his friends and a couple of other people were also present at that time. Who made him understand the situation. Then he handed over the papers. The matter was closed then.”

Rohit Choudhary files criminal case against KRK:

Rohit Choudhary files defamation and criminal case against KRK

What happened next came as a shock to Rohit. He got information from his friend Director/ Producer Mumbai about a tweet from KRK’s tweeter account where he had mentioned me and my elder brother. 

He posted our photographs and tweeted on 31st July 2019 that, “These two goons of Delhi, Property Mafia brothers are forcing me to sell my property to them at half price, They are threatening to kill my family members and me if I don’t sell to them” I had replied to that tweet also, but NDTV picked it from there and broadcasted in the news which was erroneous, so I filed a defamation case against him. And the truth is that my elder brother already did this property deal on 28th Feb 2019. 

Now, either he has to pay Rs.1 Crore as compensation or bare the consequences. “It was last year that Rohit filed the defamation case. And KRK has not appeared before the court even for a single hearing. So, Rohit has filed a criminal case on August 18, 2020, KRK has not even submitted any reply to the defamation suit. He is avoiding and trying to prolong. He has no respect and fear of the law of the country and did not even appear before the police. 

Rohit Chaudhary said that such kinds of people must learn the lesson. And also desist themselves. In the future to play with the respect of the people on social media in the country. So, this was all about the criminal case against KRK. Stay tuned to Bollywood Hush for more news and updates.