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MoviesBollywood MoviesRhea Chakraborty talks about Sushant's Lavish Lifestyle Choices

Rhea Chakraborty talks about Sushant’s Lavish Lifestyle Choices

Sushant Singh Rajput‘s death mystery is taking new angles every day. The discoveries are shocking and jaw-dropping. The recent drug allegations and the F.I.R. filed by Sushant’s father are all putting Rhea Chakraborty in a bad picture. As per the F.I.R., Rhea was also involved in money laundering. However, Rhea does not hold these accusations to be true. In addition, the actress also shared Sushant’s lavish lifestyle and his extravagant spending habits. She also shared some details about Sushant’s tours and trips out of the country.

Rhea Chakraborty shares Sushant’s lifestyle details:

Dismissing the allegations, Rhea told India Today that she has proofs to prove her points. She said, “Sushant thought it was a great idea to make a Euro trip out of this, so he cancelled those tickets — I have those tickets, in case I now have to prove everything — and booked first class tickets, and the rest of the trip he paid for the hotels. He wanted to, and I didn’t have a problem with that. I had a problem with how much he was spending. I thought it was a very expensive trip,” she said. “But ultimately, he lived king size.”

Rhea also denied of her being a ‘social-climber’ as Sushant had earlier gone on a Thailand trip with six friends. They were all men and had spent  Rs 70 Lakh. She claimed, “He went in a private jet, these were his lifestyle choices.”

Rhea also shared insights about their Italy trip. She said that they stayed in a Gothic hotel which had scary images. Later, those images started bothering Sushant. She said, “That night, he couldn’t sleep, and felt that the place was haunted.” Rhea suggested check out as the safe option. However, Sushant did not agree to it. This made actor move into the darkness again. Sushant told Rhea that he was consulting a psychiatrist in 2013. In response to these unforeseen circumstances, they had to cut short the trip.

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