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Bollywood MoviesRhea Chakraborty mobbed at NCB Office, Bollywood Enraged

Rhea Chakraborty mobbed at NCB Office, Bollywood Enraged

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case is making new developments each day. Few days ago, a drug angle came out and now NCB is also probing the case. Henceforth, Rhea Chakraborty, Sushant’s girlfriend, was summoned by the NCB. However, yesterday, when the actress was entering the NCB Office, media people, reporters and cameramen mobbed her. She was escorted by policemen and yet the crowd gathered around her. Many Bollywood Celebrities are angered by this kind of attitude shown by journalists.

Bollywood Celebs angered on Rhea Chakraborty being mobbed:

Rhea Chakraborty mobbed at NCB Office, Bollywood Enraged

Shibani Dandekar:

The actress and model shared a story on Instagram. She captioned the image as, ‘This image broke my heart. The press is behaving barbaric. Is there no one in authority that can stop this?”

Manish Mundra:

Bollywood producer, Manish Mundra, took to Twitter to share his rage on a 28 year old girl being mobbed by the media. He tweeted, “This is absurd! This should never happen to anyone ! This should end now. What are we turning our nation into? This is not how civilized society functions. Let justice be done but then the road to justice shouldn’t look like this.”

Karishma Tanna:

The actress told her followers about her being upset on the same. She shared, “What the hell is this? How can u surround and harass a girl like this? Shameful. My heart bleeds looking at this.”

A twitter replied to Tanna by voicing the struggle faced by Sushant’s sister Mitu Singh. He wrote, “Oh yes. You were sleeping when the same happened with Sushant’s sister Meetu Singh. The whole India saw that but sadly nobody especially @KARISHMAK_TANNA stood and said this is wrong.”

Gauahar Khan:

The actress shared a tweet that read, “How dare they ???? Who are these cameramen ??? Jaahil absolutely jaahil ! Ab ladki ki maan , izzat , sammaan ka kuch nahi ????”

Gauahar also retweeted the thoughts on the same line by many Bollywood and Media celebs. She also shared Shekhar Gupta’s, founder The Print, tweet.

In conclusion, share your thoughts on Rhea Chakraborty being mobbed through the comments section below.

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