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Bollywood MoviesRewati Limaye drops truth bombs on her Kuttey film co-star Arjun Kapoor

Rewati Limaye drops truth bombs on her Kuttey film co-star Arjun Kapoor

Rewati Limaye, who made her Bollywood debut in “India Lockdown” by Madhur Bhandarkar, will next be seen in the Kuttey film. Which is scheduled to be released on January 13. In the action thriller, the actress portraying Arjun Kapoor’s wife is all gushing about him.

“It was a pleasure working with Arjun Kapoor. Being that this was only my second production and he is a huge star, I must admit that I was a little scared when I arrived on the set on the first day. One of the most approachable actors I’ve ever seen is Arjun Kapoor. He actually made an effort to introduce himself to us when he first arrived on site. It was really thoughtful of him. Additionally, he is a gentleman and without any attitude.” she added.

“He is not like those actors who would show up, finish their work, and leave. He was worried about the situation and the clothes that he and his companion were wearing because he would typically stick with everyone. He approaches everything from a 360-degree angle. I’m truly grateful to him for that.” She continued.

Kuttey film co-stars:

She described her persona and background in further depth, stating, “My persona is that of a modest lady who looks after the family and the house. She has expectations from her husband (Arjun Kapoor), a cop with a busy schedule, and she constantly nags him about not spending enough time with her.”

“My segment of the movie was shot in and around Mumbai.” She continued. “We filmed it primarily in cars, but we also used studios, auditoriums, streets, and large apartments. I had never shot in a moving car before, so that was a very unusual experience for me. It did, however, allow me to engage Arjun more. I wanted to share the screen with Konkona Sen, Tabu ma’am, and Naseeruddin (Shah) sir even though all of my sequences solely feature Arjun. However, I am appreciative of whatever I have.”

Rewati also praised the film’s director Aasaman Bharadwaj for making the journey easy for her. “At first, I was a little hesitant to even strike up a conversation with him, but he is so personable and he lets you be who you are,” she added. He always gave you the freedom to experiment. He really improved everyone’s comfort by making the entire set such.

So, this was all about the Kuttey film. Watch this space Bollywood Life News at Bollywood Hush for more updates on your favourite films.

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