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Bigg BossREVEALED! Salman Khan To Get Rs.1000 Crore For Bigg Boss 16?

REVEALED! Salman Khan To Get Rs.1000 Crore For Bigg Boss 16?

Bigg Boss 16, one of Indian television’s most anticipated reality shows, is back again with everyone’s favorite Salman Khan. Like every single year, fans can’t wait to see their favorite celebrities participate in the show. The show is sure to deliver plenty of entertainment, drama, fights, twists, and more. Beginning on October 1st, Bigg Boss 16 will make its television debut. The producers have been busy releasing fresh promos daily with only a few days left. Salman also appeared at the press briefing for the show today in the city, where he addressed the claims that he received $1 billion to host this season.

Bigg Boss 16: Salman Khan’s Whopping Fee For The Show

REVEALED! Salman Khan To Get Rs.1000 Crore For Bigg Boss 16?

Salman was captured on camera as he landed in Mumbai for the Bigg Boss 16 press conference. He addressed the rumors that he would earn a staggering $1 billion this season. Salman denied these rumors, saying, “Agar mujhe mil Jaye toh main life mein Kabhi kaam na Karu. Uska a quarter is not here. (If I were paid that much, I would never have to work another job in my life. It is not even one-fourth of the sum.)”

For those who are unaware, the reality show’s actor-presenter will be in his 12th season this year. When speaking about the same, Salman stated that he enjoys hosting Bigg Boss because he gets to meet new faces every year. He stated, “there is a different kind of fun in putting people (contestants) back on the correct track, protecting those who are bullied and bullying those who are bullying other contestants.”

Initially, the sources announced that Shalin Bhanot would participate in the show. The first episode of Bigg Boss 16 will be split into two parts. The show’s first episode will premiere on Saturday, October 1 at 9:30 PM.

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