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Gossip & NewsRavi Dubey Wears the Label of 'TV Actor' as a Medal on...

Ravi Dubey Wears the Label of ‘TV Actor’ as a Medal on Chest

Ravi Dubey is pretty much liked by the audience. His T.V. shows have always touched millions of hearts. The actor has tried his hand at pretty much everything now, TV shows, films and web as well.  However, the actor recently opened up about how much he respects the title of a T.V. actor. He also  acknowledges the fact that whatever he is today is because of the work he did on Television. It’s been good 15 years since the actor embarked his journey as an actor in the world of showbiz.

Ravi Dubey talks about ‘Redundant Perspective’:

When asked by a media portal about the hierarchy between actors of different mediums, the actor had a straight ‘No’. He said, “When you talk about hierarchy, you talk about someone being above and someone being below. You talk about corporate ladder, that is a hierarchy, there will a general manager, assistant, one level then the next. I don’t think that’s what it is in the industry, it’s about creative potential and skill set.”

The actor also talked about ‘redundant perspective’. He said, “There are various times in the industry, rampant preconceived notions, redundant perspectives have required change, I think. Many TV actors I would say, including myself, have been at the receiving end of this redundant perspective. So yes, perspective I would say .. at some point I have been at the receiving end and faced it myself.”

He even went on to share that at points he has felt uncomfortable during film narrations. He said, ” I have felt uncomfortable at film narrations, and very respectfully excused myself from them. I felt that tunnel view existed. It’s on the point of metamorphosis.”

He added, “Till some time back, there were no OTT platforms. The metamorphosis I talked about, it’s not easy, there’s always going to be a little back and forth, but I think TV actors are as invested as film actors. In fact, I worked in TV for substantially a long period of time. What seems to be a baggage for most — the TV actor label — I wear it like a medal on my cheat. Whatever I am in life is because of this TV industry.”

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