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Gossip & NewsRaveena Tandon & Ram Gopal Varma respond to Kangana Ranaut's shocking Claims...

Raveena Tandon & Ram Gopal Varma respond to Kangana Ranaut’s shocking Claims on Drug Usage in Bollywood

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case is taking shocking twists and turns. In the recent updates, after a probe by the Enforcement Directorate, a new drug angle was revealed. After this revelation, Kangana Ranaut claimed that 99% people in the industry support drugs and promote its usage. This shocking allegation on the industry ensued with deafening silence. This silence made people question the industry’s authenticity. To this, advocate Mahesh Jethmalani, took a serious dig. He said that not one person from the industry could contradict Kangana. Reacting to the same controversial tweet, Ram Gopal Varma and Raveena Tandon expressed their views.

Raveena Tandon & Ram Gopal Varma Voice Their Opinions on Drug Usage in Bollywood:

Mahesh’s tweet read, “A Bollywood actress makes a serious charge claiming personal knowledge on a TV channel with a large viewership that 99% of Bollywood consumes narcotic drugs. Not one person from that industry contradicts her. What inference is the public to draw from this deafening silence?” While this tweet is controversial but has definitely tapped on the thinking nerves of the netizens.

Raveena Tandon tried to safeguard the industry by saying that it has both, good and bad, people. She tweeted, “Globally,99 % of judges,politicians,babus,officials,cops are corrupt.This statement cannot be a generic description for all.People are intelligent.They can differentiate between good/ bad.Few bad apples cannot spoil a basket.Likewise our industry also has the good and the bad.”

Ram Gopal Varma also came to the fore to voice his thoughts. His tweet also received huge amount of support from the netizens. His tweet in reply to Mahesh’s was, “Though I belong to the same fraternity,I am as baffled as u ..And their silence also extends to them being called rapists , killers ,mafia etc etc”

In conclusion, share your thoughts on the debatable topic of drug-usage in the B-Town industry through the comments section.

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