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MoviesBollywood MoviesRanvir Shorey Refutes Rumours of Abusing Pooja Bhatt

Ranvir Shorey Refutes Rumours of Abusing Pooja Bhatt

Sudden death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput has left Bollywood industry into two section- Insiders and Outsiders. Now that the debate on this matter has reignited, it does not seem to rest anytime soon. Many actor’s agree that nepotism prevails, some do not, while the others normalize it. With this, celebrities are opening up about their struggles and how long it took for them to make a mark in Bollywood. Not only the actors, but the filmmakers have also voiced their share of hardships. Amidst all of this, Ranvir Shorey has also come forth to share his problems. However, this time the situation is slightly different.

Ranvir Shorey talks about his abusive relationship:

Ranvir Shorey in a blind news article was blamed for abusing Pooja Bhatt when they were together. The actor said it was the other way round. It is pretty clear that the actor is still very much affected due to his past relationship with Pooja Bhatt. He tweeted, “These kind of articles are the result of the sustained defamatory & malicious PR campaign that these film moguls have targeted me with for years! None of the media will bother to fact check old police and media records that will show that it was I who was abused by them!

He also shared that Manish Makhija was his best friend once but the moment things started going downfall for Shorey, he married Ranvir’s ex-girlfriend. He said, “This guy in the photos used to be my best friend right up until after the incident, and then turned around and married her. All kinds of relationships are manipulated and psychological warfare used.”

Ranvir told Hindustan Times in an interview, “Every chance and every platform they would get, they would be lying about me, saying I am an alcoholic and abuser. You feel so helpless and powerless because these people are so powerful that the press will just listen to them and not even bother calling you for your side of the story. You just feel so helpless and frustrated because you can’t do anything about it. It got really toxic for me at the time and I had to leave the country for a while.”

Take to the comments section below to share your views about the actor Ranvir Shorey and his struggles. Read more about ‘the gang’ Ranvir talked about a month ago. 

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