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Randeep R Rai speaks about the 80th birth anniversary of the legend Rajesh Khanna

On December 29, Rajesh Khanna will celebrate his 80th birthday, and his fans, who also include business professionals, are anticipating the festivities. In his own right, Kaka, as he was affectionately known, was a superstar. Many people have been mesmerised and inspired by his grin and acting talent. It’s interesting to note that between 1969 and 1971, he had 15 straight films that were standalone hits. Randeep R Rai, who stars in the film Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hain and is also a fan, discusses his favourite performance by the late actor and the reasons why he is so special to him.

“Even now, I enjoy watching documentaries about his life, his fame, and his reign. He was the first superstar of India,” He continues, “And Anand is one of my favourite movies of the legend, because of the unique character he played. It’s a rather novel role. I adore his music, and he always performed each song with such grace. I continue to listen to his music on YouTube. I’ve read articles and watched interviews. Nobody has ever achieved the level of stardom he did, in my opinion.”

Yasser Usman and Narayanan Subramanian have each published two biographies of Rajesh. Although his passing was somewhat tragic, he continues to live on through his films and the superhit songs Kishore Kumar sang while starring in them. “It was a terrible end to his life… He did whatever work he could get because, in my opinion, he wanted to be in front of audiences through movies. The conclusion of his personal and professional life was not a joyful one. job,” he declares.

Randeep Rai on Rajesh Khanna:

Rajesh Khanna experienced an incredible ascent and ascent. His personal life and the achievements he experienced were both well-reported at the time. His life was negatively impacted by the success-failure cycle and his internal strife. When he passed away, he had no friends, but he did have fans. His life serves as a reminder that celebrity and achievement will eventually fade away.

“I wholeheartedly concur, and I’ve stated that before. I merely want to produce quality work and please the viewers who eagerly await my appearance. Taking on many identities, it’s the only way I can connect with them. By performing on-screen, I can connect with the viewers and my supporters. I don’t have that obsession with success or occupying the top spot. Also, I want to develop as an artist, and since recognition and success are preordained for me, I’ll obtain them. I simply care about producing quality work and developing as an artist. I don’t get obsessed with success or failure,” He adds.

Success and fame don’t exempt people from loneliness and emptiness. “I believe that everyone experiences it; it doesn’t simply happen to successful individuals. Feeling alone is very normal,” Randeep signs off.

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