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Ramoji Film City the next big hub of Bollywood industry

There are many leading film studios and sets in Mumbai city. However, as Mumbai is still in a critical condition due to the impact of the Coronavirus, a drift towards different shooting spots is noticed. Ramoji Film City the next big hub of Bollywood, is the latest big news in Bollywood.  

As the Corona crises are still grave on the leading city of Mumbai, the industrial culture shift to different spots around the country. Mumbai and Bollywood are internally connected. A lot of the processing part of the Bollywood films happen in Mumbai city. Mumbai is also said to be the heart of India. Being the hub it is, Mumbai is also severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Ramoji Film City the next big hub:

Ramoji Film City the next big hub of Bollywood industry

Hyderabad’s Ramoji film city, the next big hub of Bollywood, is all set to dish Mumbai behind. Just because of the number of studios and sets in the Mumbai city, all the aspiring actors and leading actors shift to Mumbai. This way, they stay close and in the hub of Bollywood. However, it seems the Coronavirus crises will now make the celebrities make a home in Hyderabad too. Before the pandemic, Bollywood frantic specially visited Mumbai just in the hope to spot their favorite actor. Bollywood freaks will now have to change their destination to Hyderabad.  

Hyderabad city is much less affected than Mumbai. Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad is all set to welcome celebrities at vast. Hotstar Disney has already rented this astounding place for three years to shoot their web series and films. Many other leading channels and production companies are looking forward to booking Ramoji for the same.  

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