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Gossip & NewsRakhi Sawant claims Sushant's reincarnation from her womb

Rakhi Sawant claims Sushant’s reincarnation from her womb

The bold and rowdy actress of the Bollywood industry Rakhi Sawant is the one to always stay in controversy. She is also known as the Queen of controversy. Rakhi manages to do things with a lot of drama and media. Her stories and latest things always manage to make headlines. She didn’t even spare Sushant Singh Rajput. Rakhi knows that the topic of Sushant’s sudden death is hot and trending, and thus, she didn’t leave this opportunity to get attention. Now, Rakhi Sawant claims Sushant’s reincarnation.  

Rakhi Sawant claims Sushant's reincarnation from her womb

Yes, she has gone to the extent of making a controversy out of the actor’s death. As if the netizens targetting Sushshant’s death and disrupting Bollywood’s strata wasn’t enough to deal with. Rakhi Sawant claims Sushant’s reincarnation to happen soon through her womb. She will give birth to a son who will be Sushant Singh Rajput. The actress went on ranting for about 3.57 minutes. In her video, she also told her fans and the audience that Sushant Singh Rajput came in her dream and told her that he will be taking rebirth through her womb.

Rakhi Sawant claims Sushant’s reincarnation:  

Sushant wanted Rakhi to tell this information to his fans. Thus, she made that video to inform her fans about this latest superstitious information. Rakhi then took the video to her official social media accounts and uploaded it. Her comment section is a mix of weird, hate, and funny comments. However, the actress never cared about the type of attention she got. The only thing mattered to her was getting attention and fame. Now, the social media is filled with memes made on Rakhi ranting about Sushant Singh Rajput’s rebirth.  

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